The Conservancy works for the preservation and protection of Whittier’s unique landscapes as well as its significant historic structures. The work is endless and depends on the spirit and generosity of the 700 families that support the mission of the institution. I hope that you will agree with me that what we have done has made Whittier a far better place than it would have been had there not been a group of people willing to go to bat for the good of the entire town. Please join us as we celebrate the next century of community action. We are guardians who have worked diligently on your behalf to preserve Whittier’s special character for generations to come. Thank you for your support throughout the years. Please join us in this valuable & fulfilling endeavor.
— Mary Gorman-Sullens, Founder/Past President of the Conservancy

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In her song “Big Yellow Taxi,” Joni Mitchell bemoans the fact that, “…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” The song resonates because it describes a common human experience. Too often, in our headlong rush into the future, we don’t fully appreciate the value in the things around us—that person, that songbird, that tree, that house, that patch of open land—until we’ve lost them forever. I take that message to heart, and so do a group of people in our town who call themselves The Whittier Conservancy. But they do more than just take the message to heart. They take it to the streets. 

And that’s why I’m a supporter. I’m a supporter because the Conservancy recognizes that while change is an inherent part of life, not all change is progress. They don’t worship the past. But they urge us, as a community, to stop and carefully consider what we want the future to look like before we embrace it. They urge us to nurture a sense of place, not just in space but in time. They urge us—and effectively so—to balance where we’ve been with where we’re going so that we don’t wake one morning to regret that we didn’t know what we had  …until it was gone.
   -  Ted Snyder, President, The Whittier Conservancy

Mail a tax deductible donation to the Whittier Conservancy (Tax ID# 33-0322279), at the address below, or submit the form online with a "note" that a check is being mailed:
The Whittier Conservancy, P.O. Box 9114
Whittier CA  90608-9114
Contact number: (562) 858-3110

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